Working with Winkelman Photography
Visualizing your words and ideas is what we specialize in doing. We work with you on your concept and produce attention-getting images that communicate the essence of your message. When you hire Winkelman Photography, we develop a shot list of images of people, places and products that evoke the story of your work- who makes it, how and where it is created and how is it used. We set up a studio to create or capture the location you need and handle all the pre and post production work, from scouting to the delivery of images in the format you need. Our photography work is based on your budget to ensure that our results are your best value.

What do we bring to the party? Sports photo experience = timing and ability to anticipate; corporate background = serious people skills; film studies = collaborative abilities and direction skills; editorial = moments that look natural even when illustrative; drawing and illustration in art school= great composition.

We are the tiniest pebble cast in a pond with few ripples disrupting the elements. We see light and color and use it to our ends. Our flexible working style, crossover versatility and ability to direct people well makes us great at solving logistical problems and delivering exceptional results. Tell us your goals and let's make an image that will save you a thousand words in advertising costs.